Who is behind all this?

Gabriele, traveller, sport and music lover and always looking for new challenges.

Born Italian, I spent 10 years in Spain and for the last 3  I have been adopted by Dublin and the Irish people.

I have worked in several industries such as events organization, incentive travels, hospitality, IT, insurance and now I am Channel Consultant at HubSpot the leading inbound marketing platform!

I am happy to be your personal digital marketing mentor in Ireland to help you to design and implement a digital marketing strategy.  I can advise and show you how to increase your online visibility in Ireland, how to get your business found by new local customers and how to increase conversions resulting in new customers.

Personal digital marketing mentor for creative Irish entrepreneurs


What is Funky Cambridge?

Funky Cambridge is the idea that I had during a travel to the U.S.

While walking around Cambridge (Boston) my mind went to my friends, artists, singers, web designers, artisans...they all managed to create their own business in the last few years.

These friends of mine shares five key factors:

  • They are extremely creative.
  •  They realized their dream to be their own boss and do what they love.
  • They mix passion and hard skills they learned while during boring jobs.
  • They are my friends.

but above all:

  • They lack completely of any digital marketing and social media strategy that would help them instead to push their business to the next step and to be way more successful.

For this reason I decided to create Funky Cambridge to help every creative entrepreneur in Ireland to realize his dream to launch his own business and to do it right!